Eventbrite - Bulga Beats Festival 2017

Bulga Beats planted a seed in 2015, a seed that would grow an experience bringing communities and people together. It grew into a sapling that once a year provides a safe and encouraging environment for all ages, religions and walks of people to come together to listen, learn and love! We are re-designing society! re-creating the way it works and re-learning what we think we already know.
Bulga Beats is growing a festival that merges the connectivity and love of festivals with workshops, learning and discussions with an aim of actually applying methods of improving our streets, communities, states or nations once we leave the festival gates.  We believe that festivals can be a platform for changing this world, for providing the spaces for all to learn and enjoy! Come and grow with us!
The festival was founded and organised by locals who have poured their blood, sweat, tears and money into the festival for it to run each year. We believe when communities come together they can achieve anything! We dream of sustainable communities focused on teaching, learning and enjoying every moment with an open mind and a loving heart!