Bulga Beats planted a seed in 2015, a seed that would grow an experience bringing communities and people together. It grew into a sapling that once a year provides a safe and encouraging environment for all ages, religions, and walks of people to come together to listen, learn and love!

The festival was born out of a cry for connectivity and positivity within a divided community. We wanted to create an event that utilizes what Bulga has to offer including recreational grounds, halls, the national park, and camping areas. With this event we are growing each year in spirit, entertainment and activities for all to enjoy, as we believe festivals can be a platform for change, learning and enjoying.  

The festival was founded and organised by locals who have poured their blood, sweat, tears, and money into the festival for it to run each year. We believe when communities come together they can achieve anything! We dream of sustainable communities focused on teaching, learning and enjoying every moment with an open mind and a loving heart!


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Our First-year attracted a huge range of signed guitars up for auction (to which has become a bit of a reputation for the festival), Michael Caton best known for his classic “The Castle” and more recently “last cab to Darwin” attended the festival in support of building positive vibrant communities. He signed a guitar for the auction and presented a speech to the crowd in support of “Bulga” our small village of 300. 


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Every Year the festival tries to incorporate the traditional owners of the land in which we celebrate community and the breathtaking Wollemi National park, in which each year we run free guided walks on the last day with 6th generation Bulga-rians. We have blessed in past festivals with the support of local mod “Wakagetti” bringing ceremony and dance to the festival.

We change, grow and redesign the festival each year, but our core values always stay the same; to provide a safe and supportive environment for all to connect, dance, build community spirit and join in unity for a more positive future.


With Gratitude, love, and light,

Bulga Beats Festival.


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